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IEA Slips, Trips, and Falls Technical Committee
The International Ergonomics Association (IEA) recently created a Technical Committee on Slips, Trips, and Falls (STF).

The newly-formed Committee will:

  • facilitate communication among members around the world,
  • help organize international STF symposia at major international conferences,
  • coordinate activities among regional organizations and individuals, and
  • promote collaboration among members and organizations.

The Committee will cover injuries due to falls from heights, falls on the same level, trips, and loss of balance in occupational and leisure settings.

Members will include researchers, safety professionals, and practitioners.  IEA Federated Society members may join; however, the Committee will maintain a distribution list of interested non-members.

Members will elect officers to serve a three-year term and will not exceed two-consecutive terms.  Officers include: 

  • Chair - Oversees the Committee organization and interacts with other international and regional organizations. 
  • Vice Chair - Assist the Chair and handles special assignments.
  • Secretary - Takes the meeting minutes and maintains a record of Committee's activities. 
  • Communications Officer - Handles internal and external communications and maintains the official Committee website (if it exists). 
  • Membership Recruiter - Recruits new members and tracks existing members information.

Current Officers

  • Chair: Dr. Wen-Ruey Chang, Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, USA, Email:
  • Vice Chair: Dr. Sylvie Leclercq, French National Research and Safety Institute (INRS), France, Email:
  • Secretary: Dr. Steve Thorpe, Health and Safety Laboratory, United Kingdom, Email:
  • Communications Officer: Dr. Chien-Chi (Max) Chang, Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety, USA, Email:
  • Membership Recruiter: Open
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